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We have exciting news!

LOVEVOLVE is opening its very first brick and mortar shop in Richmond, VA! Come visit our serene space, where you can learn more about the mission, shop for friends and family, and of course, feel the LOVE. We are beyond thrilled to begin this new adventure for LOVEVOLVE.

In her own words, founder Sunny shares more about the new shop:

A space for LOVE

The LOVEVOLVE business has been living in my apartment since the Covid pandemic began. As the world started to reopen, something kept popping into my head saying, “Sunny, you need to share this message beyond these walls". I began thinking about how to bring the mission to a wider audience, making it more inclusive, and a platform to support the four hospitals in Richmond who are implementing the Love Swaddle Mission. These thoughts, and visions kept popping into my head at the most random times all summer, until I spotted a space that had been vacant for some time. So I called. I am incredibly grateful for my friends who ALL showed up, fit me in, and made this space happen quickly.

A Space filled with LOVE

From the moment a person walks in the door, I hope they can leave their worries behind and find themselves not only curious for the LOVEVOLVE mission and products but in a space that fills their heart. This shop is a tactile experience. A large LOVEVOLVE mural greets you right away, walls and tables are filled with all of the colorful textiles, swaddles, scarves, and blankets we sell on the website. Customers will be able to pick up a gift, something for themselves, OR build a Box of LOVE, with a personal message and have it shipped to celebrate a bride, support a new family, a friend who is sick, someone who has lost a loved one, or a gratitude box for the person who always supports you in daily life. We will also be able to offer online ordering/pick-up options, as well as corporate gift services.

Lovevolve HQ has been designed as a flexible space; part retail, part office, part working art studio, and part gathering space for us to host small events for our community.

"I want to engage everyone in this movement. Come visit us, we’d LOVE to see you!"  xo/sunny.

Wednesday & Thursday 9-6
Saturday 9-2
and by appointment
River Road II Shopping center (next door to Quinn)