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LOVE Banners

LOVE Banners
Introducing our LOVE Banners! We recently teamed up with SAA|EVI to spread the message of love at the St. Luke Apartments, an affordable housing community in Richmond. Among the many renovation projects SAA|EVI is working on at St. Luke, they made sure to bring in some LOVE, too. We were delighted to provide 52 of our LOVE banners, displayed throughout the property to empower residents with a beautiful message every day.
When we asked Ernst Valery, managing member of SAA|EVI, why he wanted these banners at St. Luke, Ernst said he was inspired by our message – especially for women and mothers to not only act with love but also to remember to love themselves: “I think all the moms at St. Luke are amazing women and I wanted to honor them, as well as support their internal and external struggles. I know the banners and art will remind them of that brighter tomorrow full of love. St. Luke will be a place where LOVE is the core value, for ourselves and our children.”
Imagine if more business executives approached their work and community impact in this way. The world needs more people like Ernst, and we are honored to consider him a LOVEVOLVE partner.

A big thank you to Kaci Easley for introducing Ernst to LOVEVOLVE and to Jeff Davis, Jason Cave, Elijah Smith, and Nathin Parker for the installation!
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