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Meet Presley!

Meet Presley!

Presley Goode is our founder's daughter and an artist in her own right. Meet Presley and learn more about her role at LOVEVOLVE.

What is your job title at LOVEVOLVE and what will you be doing?
My title is Director of Sales and Operations. On a day-today basis, I will handle inbound sales leads and maintain existing relationships with current LOVE Swaddle partners. I also oversee the strategy behind our mission and want to maximize the families and communities we reach. 

What made you want to join the team?
After seeing the immediate impact the LOVEVOLVE mission, and my mother, have made since launching in 2019, I always knew I wanted to be apart of the movement. It wasn't a matter of  "if" but "when". After sitting in a remote job, I began to crave workforce interactions and getting out in the community. The timing aligned in 2022, and I've been so happy with my decision to join the team! 

What about the mission speaks to you? 
The LOVEVOLVE mission strikes a chord with me because it's one that sheds love and light on a topic that is rarely discussed. The sensitivity of one's home environment is extreme. People rarely open-up about how they are treated in their home because it's supposed to be a safe space, and admitting that it's not, sheds deep feelings of weakness and shame. I'm here to change the stigma of these conversations, provide resources for those who need them, and instill healthy love in the next generation. 

The decision to take a job working with your mom is a big one. Did you discuss how this would work once you started your position? Did you have any trepidations about taking the position?
Yes it is (haha)! Watching the first swaddle patterns unfold on our kitchen table in small sketches, then on canvases in my mom's studio, and now wrapping over 12,000 babies (and counting), I have felt aligned with LOVEVOLVE from day one. We had many conversations about how working together would affect our relationship, but no matter how many ideas or hesitations we had, I found myself filling free time with researching, outreaching, and spreading the word of LOVEVOLVE. That's when I knew it was worth the leap!