Delivering Babies Wrapped In LOVE™

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We believe that awareness is the beginning of change.

The LOVE Swaddle® Mission seeks to Deliver Babies Wrapped in LOVE™ from their first day of life and to HONOR THE SHIFT that occurs when one becomes a parent. Through this program, families are given a LOVEVOLVE blanket to swaddle their newborn, as well as information and resources from the One Love Foundation to support healthy relationships to take home.

Currently LOVEVOLVE donates 5% of profits from the Hospital Blanket Program annually to The One Love Foundation, as this program grows we plan to increase our support.

"LOVEVOLVE was founded on the belief that awareness is the beginning of change. Seeing the word LOVE can spark important conversations, promote wellbeing and community, and remind us of what matters most,” said Sunny Stack Goode, artist and founder of LOVEVOLVE. “There is no time quite as humbling, beautiful and overwhelming as when you welcome a new baby into the world. It’s our hope that this daily visual reminder of LOVE, and the connection to the One Love Foundation will help caretakers as they navigate this new chapter in their lives, and lead to stronger communities for the future."

The LOVE Swaddle®

The design of the LOVE swaddle— colorful groupings of the word “LOVE” — was inspired by research that found seeing and thinking positive words like “LOVE” can change your brain, leading to more compassion for yourself and others, increased resiliency, thinking more clearly, enhanced creativity and communicating with others more authentically. The design is printed from an original piece of artwork by Sunny, it's colors were selected to complement all skin tones, sending a visual message of inclusivity and support to all family ethnicities, structures and circumstances.


When we become parents, all of our relationships change. There is a shift in our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with our spouse or partner, our relationships with our other children each time we bring a child into the family, and our relationship with our parents, siblings, and friends. We learn about new responsibilities, we experience new joys and new stresses, which cause us to shift our perspective on the life we now live. The visual cues to remind us and connect us to educational support to HONOR THE SHIFT™ in all of our relationships, and set them up with a strong foundation for success.

The LOVE Swaddle® Hospital Blanket Program, 

Delivering Babies Wrapped in LOVE™

The Hospital Blanket Program is available to all places where babies are born, whether that be maternity wards in hospitals, birthing centers, or through home births supported by midwives and doulas. We want to empower doctors, maternity ward nurses, doulas, and midwives to be the frontline for relationship health. We offer special lower rate bulk pricing, card and label customization to all Hospitals and OBGYN groups, and any individual, or group who would like to sponsor this for a hospital.
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+ Healthy Relationship Information on Day One
Healthier People and Compassionate Communities 

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