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The Zodiac Guide to Capricorn

Part of a series of accessible and affordable astrological guides.Embark on a spellbinding voyage of self-discovery with this modern guide to the ancient wisdom of the zodiac. Just as seers and travelers have always looked to the night skies to determine which path to take, your character traits too are written in the stars - and the cosmos is ready and waiting to guide you in your decisions. An understanding of your zodiac sign will put you in touch with your deepest instincts and empower you to embody your truest, most authentic self. Delve into these pages to unveil the secrets of the ambitious and logical earth sign, Capricorn. - Discover what really makes an Capricorn tick, from health and career to love and romance - Learn self-care rituals tailored to your star sign - Explore how to use astrology for divination, not only day-to-day but far ahead into the future - Find out what your birth chart can tell you about yourself and your unique purpose