Summer Glow I


Original artwork © by Sunny Goode 2021

36 x 24 inches 

Oil on Canvas - unframed

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I have always loved trees, every season, every angle,  the representation of life. The vibrancy of the colors created by trees in a landscape, or on a city street. The crazy and very different shapes of their trunks, leaves, and branches. The cycles of the skeletons that stand naked all winter, and the lush life that bursts into a million shades of green in the summer. The sheer number of trees we see everyday, and the ability to take that for granted everyday. 

My mother had a piece of art by potter Charles Counts in our home when I was a little kid growing up in Atlanta, Georgia that had a quote written in it, “Our life is in the tree, and the tree is our life.”  Oxygen. Breathe. Nature.  These paintings represent life to me.  They represent beauty, strength, and resiliency.  To me they are parallel to the human body and spirit, in their shapes, and their sheer will and ability to grow in complicated environments.

Without trees what would our landscapes look like?  Their singular imperfection is perfection as a whole.

xo Sunny