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Little Book of Light: 111 Ways to Bring Light Into Your Life


A collection of 111 short, inspiring teachings on how to let your light shine regardless of what’s going on in your life.

Stressed out by life?

 Need a little extra comfort, inspiration, and love?

 Whether you’ve lost your way or are just having a bad day, The Little Book of Light is the ideal pick-me-up, a reminder that love and joy are available in every moment.

This elegantly packaged little gift book will inspire, uplift, and enlighten with digestible nuggets of inspiration. It appeals to people of all spiritual traditions and at various stages on their spiritual path without being religious.

The Little Book of Life is bite-sized inspirational wisdom that will help illuminate your path, no matter how dark it may sometimes appear.

It will help you stay connected with your true self, and find daily delight so you can shine.