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Cacao Salt Caramel Peanut (10-Pack): 10-PACK

The Collagen Protein Bar. Bittersweet elation. Bright salt brings out smooth tones of chocolate, with a rich peanut finish to every bite. Suggested MSRP for a singular bar: $3.50 - $4.00 INGREDIENTS: COLLAGEN, PEANUTS, TAPIOCA FIBER, ALLULOSE, PEA PROTEIN, SUNFLOWER LECITHIN, ORGANIC VEGETABLE GLYCERIN, DEFATTED PEANUT FLOUR, COCOA BEANS, COCONUT SUGAR, COCOA BUTTER, COCONUT OIL, ALMONDS, SEA SALT, NATURAL FLAVORS, COCOA POWDER, ACACIA GUM, MONK FRUIT.