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Aromatherapy Gift Set - Neck Wrap & Eye Pillow

Flax/Rice Mix / Unscented / Moon Stories
Gift Set comes in a gift box with the informational paper inside, a sticker that shows the scent and filling chosen, and a matching ribbon. Eye Pillow Dimensions 9x4 approx 8oz depending on filling and scent choices. Neck Wrap Dimensions 28x4.5 approx 1lb 12oz depending on filling and scent choices. The Aromatherapy Eye Pillow and Neck Wrap will soothe your muscles and calm your mind. You can heat the neck wrap or eye pillow or put them in the freezer to make them cold, whatever your body needs that day.  We are in a world right now where even at home, we work. Home is no longer a place to relax unless you make that conscious effort for self-care. This Aromatherapy Gift Box is the best gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, and Just Thinking Of You days.  Our Gift Box is made up of an Aromatherapy Heatable Neck Wrap and a matching Aromatherapy Heatable Eye Pillow.