Street Art

When the recent protests began, my friend asked me to paint a LOVEVOLVE mural on the side of her home on the corner of Grove Avenue and Strawberry Street in Richmond, Virginia. With the help of great friends, I painted this mural on June 12th, which happens to be National Loving Day. How serendipitous is that?

The blue represents trust and the white represents hope and peace. The letters falling into the foundation of trust and hope and peace… evolving into love. We need to evolve as a country through love, trust, hope and peace for us all.

I would LOVE for you to visit the street art, take photos and videos with it and post on social with the hashtag #LOVEVOLVE.

If you'd like to learn more about Lovevolve street art and the opportunity to add it to an outdoor space, please contact us here.

On July 31st we were at it again in Manchester on Hull Street in Richmond, VA! The red represents passion for this movement, pink for birth (re-birth) for our culture and communities to thrive and the white for peace.