Giving Back

We support the One LOVE Foundation to educate young people about healthy and unhealthy relationships, empowering them to identify and avoid abuse and learn how to love better. 

LOVEVOLVE LLC donates 5% of profits from the Hospital Blanket Program annually to The One Love Foundation.


When we become parents, all of our relationships change. Our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with our spouse or partner, our relationships with our other children each time we bring a child into the family, and our relationship with our parents, siblings, and friends all shift. We learn about new responsibilities, we experience new joys and new stresses, which cause us to shift our perspective on the life we now live. 

LOVEVOLVE LLC creates visual cues to remind us and connect us to educational support to HONOR THE SHIFT™ in all of our relationships and set them up with a strong foundation for success.

 A personal note from our creator.
"My life path has lead me down roads filled with both wonderful light and deep darkness.  I am very grateful to have been married for 24 years and have three wonderful children, who are the light in my life.  My divorce is by far the saddest, and hardest thing I have experienced.  Family and relationships is what life is all about to me.  During this period of healing, I had been wanting my artwork to find a meaning, a purpose, to make lives better. In some way.  I wanted it to do more,  to be attached to an action for the greater good.  In a four day period in 2019, Yeardley Love’s story kept presenting itself in my life.  I became aware of The One Love Foundation.  Immediately I knew this was the give back, and purpose for the love artwork. I believe healthy relationship awareness and education will change the foundation of our future in many amazing ways. I will always believe you find profound wisdom in the well if you choose to. The wisdom for me was finding the calm to pay attention to and be present for the path.  This path has lead me to promote relationship health to help young families honor and acknowledge a shift in all of our relationships  when we become parents. I believe if I had this information and knowledge early on,  maybe it would have saved my marriage." xo/Sunny
One Love’s mission is to end relationship abuse by educating young people about healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors and empowering them to be leaders driving change in their communities. The One Love Foundation was created in 2010 to honor the memory of Yeardley Love, a senior lacrosse player at the University of Virginia who was three weeks shy of her graduation when she was killed by her ex- boyfriend. One Love is rooted in their honest belief that relationship violence is an epidemic that can be stopped when young adults are educated and empowered to affect change in their communities.

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We've partnered with Every Mother Counts. LOVEVOLVE will donate 15% of the products on this page to Every Mother Counts to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother every where.

A personal note from our creator
I took for granted that I was lucky enough to come home from the hospital on three separate occasions after delivering healthy babies. I had no idea that maternal mortality was an issue in 2019 in the USA. I became aware of Every Mother Counts while having a conversation with a friend at the beach who lives in NYC and supports EMC. It truly blew my mind. How could this be? Once again the signs popped up everywhere, each time after this when I had a conversation about pregnancy with friends, I found out how many almost died during and after childbirth.  My heart immediately hurt for the husbands who came home without a wife, and babies with no mothers.  I had just made the baby swaddles with the love artwork so I reached out to EMC in hopes there was something we could do. Luckily we made a connection and are very grateful to be an added awareness and voice for this amazing organization.

What We Do
Every two minutes, a woman dies from complications of pregnancy and childbirth—a total of more than 800 preventable deaths each day around the world. For each death, 30 women nearly die, experiencing a life threatening complication or life-long disability.

The Opportunity
Almost all global maternal deaths can be prevented by ensuring women have timely access to quality, respectful and equitable maternity care. Addressing  additional risk factors such as social determinants and supporting evidence-based programs are also critical.

The Solution
We believe in investing in organizations based in the communities where they work. Working with local partners in underserved and marginalized communities, we help deliver high-impact, low-cost solutions to improve maternal health outcomes. We engage communities to advocate for systems change and elevate the voices of the care providers and women at the center of this work.