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Every Mother Counts

"I took for granted that I was lucky enough to come home from the hospital on three separate occasions after delivering healthy babies. I had no idea that maternal mortality was an issue in 2019 in the USA. I became aware of Every Mother Counts while having a conversation with a friend at the beach who lives in NYC and supports EMC. It truly blew my mind. How could this be? Once again the signs popped up everywhere, each time after this when I had a conversation about pregnancy with friends, I found out how many almost died during and after childbirth. My heart immediately hurt for the husbands who came home without a wife, and babies with no mothers. I had just made the baby swaddles with the love artwork so I reached out to EMC in hopes there was something we could do. Luckily we made a connection and are very grateful to be an added awareness and voice for this amazing organization." - Sunny Stack Goode