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Kindred Skin Care Company

Why are Kindred products so effective? Because we use such high quality, organic, food-grade ingredients. Much like any recipe, equipment, or building, the end result is only as good as the raw materials. As we engineer each product, we spend hours researching the best sources for ingredients. Then we create relationships with our wonderful suppliers ensuring that each oil, botanical, or clay is the most reliable and highest quality available.
We do not shortcut. There are only certain areas of the world where we source our beautiful materials, and if at all possible we buy from US farmers and producers. Most of our ingredients are certified organic and other than our family honey and our sustainably farmed caviar oil, all our products are vegan. We would never test on animals, actually, we make our products pet-friendly if they give us a lick! And our Shinrin Spray protects all our rescue animals from flies, fleas, and ticks!